On-line Boiler Cleaning with our Unique Technology
Arlanco Power is a specialist company for the on-line cleaning of furnaces, boilers, ash hoppers, silos and other vessels.
We provide on-line boiler cleaning equipment and Services to thermal power plants, waste-to-energy plants, cement works, petrochemical plants, and paper mills - to improve thermal efficiencies, reduce downtime, and improve the safety of maintenance workers.
For over ten years, our technology has proved to be a unique way of generating high energy pressure waves for the removal of soot, slag and other build ups on furnace and boiler tubes and walls, and for the removal of blockages in ash hopers, silos, and absorbers.

We are a licensed partner of Bang&Clean Technologies AG of Switzerland for the on-line cleaning of boilers using the patented Bang&Clean® method.
Heat transfer surfaces which are cleaned regularly with our technology achieve superior thermal efficiencies, which cannot be reached by any conventional online cleaning technology.
We service clients in Asia from our base in Hong Kong, and in China with teams operating from our Shenzhen subsidiary company.

Arlanco Power Limited

Intellectual Property / Patents
The Services and goods described in these pages are protected by international trade marks and patents, among others by Chinese Invention Patent No. ZL02811666.6


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